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  • DigiTech Services is a Digital Marketing company that closely monitors ongoing market trends to not only offer the best possible contemporary solution but also render result-driven Digital Marketing Services. DigiTech came from the idea of being different, making a real difference to how we work our clients. As a small, digital and creative agency with big horns of digital and creativity, we believe in what we do, and only work with clients who are as passionate as us in achieving the very best outcomes.

    Create your own Peer to Peer Exchange with our Ready-made Local Bitcoin . Your users can buy and sell any cryptocurrency and pay the respective party with fiat or any other cryptocurrency. Customers can buy and sell Local Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with ease. We shall set up a trading platform like Local Bitcoin to buy and sell cryptocurrency through P2P trades that is secured on a blockchain. The pricing of the Local Bitcoin will fluctuate with the exchange rates. The cryptocurrency that has been traded is calculated at the “close” of the trade rather than the “opening” of the trade. The users can trade in fiat to crypto or cryptocurrency to Cryptocurrency.

    Local Bitcoin Features



    Our Escrow Wallet is activated once the trade begins i.e. Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency is transferred to an escrow wallet. Once the sellers have agree to receive the cryptocurrency, the escrow releases the cryptocurrency to the buyer's wallet. This is for buyer protection.

    local bitcoin


    We will provide a two-factor authentication for buyers & sellers in the market. The Two Factor authentication is a state-of-the-art technology for trading a cryptocurrency and thereby making it more secure. The wallet in highly secure for storing your coins.

    local bitcoin


    Developing your cryptocurrency wallet for storing your Bitcoins & other cryptocurrencies in a safe and secure way. The buyer must give the wallet address to the seller for receiving your cryptocurrency. We will develop Multicurrency, Multisignature Custodial Wallet.

    local bitcoin


    Buyers can create an advertisement to buy or sell Bitcoins Online or Offline. This will allow buyers and sellers to promote the need or availability of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. Ease of access to your users for finding the Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

    local bitcoin


    We can create a Local Cryptocurrency Exchange. You can trade only Bitcoin or one local cryptocurrency in your Local Bitcoin . We can customize and provide you a Remitano where you can buy and sell multiple cryptocurrencies.

    local bitcoin


    The Local Bitcoin or Remitano will be compliant to Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer regulations for the user's identification. These regulations apply to many countries across the world. Users can signup and post their trade at free of cost and set limits.

    Benefits of Local Bitcoin

    local bitcoin
    • You can set the transaction fees for every trade; buy and sell local bitcoin.
    • You can earn a commission from all the transactions on your exchange.
    • The transaction is completed only after your commission is transferred into your wallet and the buyer receives the cryptocurrency into the wallet.
    • The transactions are faster and highly secure.
    • User-friendly dashboards will allow buyers & sellers to trade with ease.
    • The feedback system will allow the users to rate the trustworthiness of a buyer or a seller. It can be either positive, negative, neutral, blocking the user with or without feedback.


    local bitcoin
    • local bitcoin

      Buyer & Seller Dashboard

      Buyer & Seller Dashboard allows the buyers to log in, signup and get access to support.

    • local bitcoin

      Ads Dashboard

      List of all open, closed, completed, canceled trades and also, disable trades with click of a button

    • local bitcoin

      Merchants Dashboard

      Merchants can view open, closed and paid invoices and integrate callback URL with API

    • local bitcoin

      Trusted Members Dashboard

      You can view people, advertisements, add or remove trusted members and also view the list.

    • local bitcoin

      Admin Dashboard

      You can view the list of users, transactions, real-time statistics, etc required for you as an admin.