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  • DigiTech Services is a Digital Marketing company that closely monitors ongoing market trends to not only offer the best possible contemporary solution but also render result-driven Digital Marketing Services. DigiTech came from the idea of being different, making a real difference to how we work our clients. As a small, digital and creative agency with big horns of digital and creativity, we believe in what we do, and only work with clients who are as passionate as us in achieving the very best outcomes.

    ICObench , Your Personal ICO Rating Platform

    When in the process of raising funds, entrepreneurs stumble upon the issue of investors lacking analytical, legal and technical insights. To diminish the knowledge gaps and persuade investors to take actions, a team of ICO experts takes a lead in the market providing users with the latest data. With an ICObench like app, both individuals and companies have access to the rating platform thoroughly assisted by investors and financial experts. An extensive amount of active and upcoming ICOs allows users to pick the best ones and invest smarter.


    ICO Bench


    A broad range of services extending from technical to marketing support is provided to the newbies.

    ICO Bench


    Analyze an ICO of your choice by entering its name in the search bar.

    ICO Bench


    Browse ICOs by their status, rating, country, platform and currency.

    ICO Bench


    Make sure your ICO is noticed - purchase a premium package allowing you to eliminate competitors and always stay on top of the listings.

    ICO Bench


    Put the word out by sharing the news about your company via a press release.

    APP Features

    Coinmarketcap Like Website Development
    • ICO Bench like Platform

      Crypto Assets & Exchanges

      Do your research and browse crypto assets as well as exchanges to find out more about the current trends.

    • ICO Bench like Platform

      ICO Entertainment

      Gain some insights into the world of ICOs by watching the top rated videos published in the app.

    • ICO Bench like Platform

      Experts & Contributors

      Get to know the best influencers in the ICO market and their personal achievements in the field.

    • ICO Bench like Platform

      ICO “Bounty”

      Take a part in the “Bounty” projects and enjoy free coins for the execution of various tasks (writing blog posts, filming YouTube videos, translating whitepapers, etc).

    Solutions We Offer

    Turnkey Solution

    All of our products are provided on the turnkey basis. You can start with ZERO time-to-market, capture the largest market share and become the leader everyone else tries to catch up with.

    Powerful Admin Dashboard

    Complete control of your mobile app is readily available in your admin dashboard. It has a user-friendly interface and is easy to customize.

    Cost Effective

    ICObench is the most resourceful product from the bottom of your barrel, prolonging your corporate runway.

    Paid Plugin

    ICO Bench like Platform

    Language Translation

    Choose your preferred language of the app’s backend and frontend, and enjoy the ease of the navigation.

    ICO Bench like Platform

    Chat Integration

    When in need of an expert’s advice, request a chat with one of our advisors/experts and instantly resolve your issues.

    ICO Bench like Platform

    ICO List Widget

    Profit from adding an ICO List Widget to your app and fill it with the fresh cryptocurrency ICOs.

    ICO Bench like Platform

    Payment Gateway Integration

    The payment gateway ensures you can collect payments from your ICO/STO issuance companies for premium/paid listings.

    What We Offer

    ICO Bench like Platform Development
    • ICO Bench like Platform Development

      Mobile Apps

      Easy to use, technically advanced, seamless mobile apps for any given vertical.

    • ICO Bench like Platform Development

      Web App

      Apps built on avant-garde technologies. Highly functional, pro-customizable, friction-free in-app functionalities.

    • ICO Bench like Platform Development

      Admin Dashboard

      All-in-one dashboard to quickly skim through the app’s activities and overall performance.

    • ICO Bench like Platform Development

      100% Customizable

      Boundless customizing options with immediate add-on support for quick app transformation.